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Here is a sample copy of our slip renters lease for your convenience

The following are the rules and regulations lessees and their guests are expected to follow at Pier 54 Marina

Boat Slip                                                 PIER 54 MARINA, LLC                                 Contract No 
Rental Agreement                                3915 West Washington Street
                                                                 Charleston, WV  25387                           Slip Number:
                                                                 Phone:  304-746-4495

This agreement entered into this  day of  ,  , by and between Pier 54 Marina hereby known as landlord and  who resides at.  Herein known as the tenant, and who is subject to the following terms and conditions.

This slip rental agreement shall be for a period of time from <start date>, 2009, to, <end date>, 2009, and may be renewable for additional periods upon agreement of both parties as to rates and other terms and conditions as agreed by both parties.

Wet mooring slip annually                                Electrical service
Seasonally                                                            Power required
Monthly                                                                Metered for actual usage
Weekly                                                                 To be paid monthly
Daily                                                                     Rate per person
Special terms, if any


Boat:  Make:    Model:  Year: 

Registration No:  Beam:  Length: Name:

Trailer storage:  Type and License No:

Tenants Insurance company:

Agent and Phone number: 

Tenants name and home address: 

Home phone: Cell phone: E-mail address:

Employed by: Work phone:

Emergency contact numbers and names: 

Total Fees Due: Paid by:  On:

Is tenant aware of proper docking and tying procedures for boat? 

Has tenant been informed of potential hazards in and around the docking area? 

Tenant(s) certify that the printed matter on both the front and back of this agreement and any attached pages have been read and the terms set forth herein are fully understood.  Tenant(s) agrees to accept the terms and conditions and abide by all rules and regulations of the Marina and the terms of this agreement.  Tenant(s) further certify that they have examined the space in which the subject boat is to be placed and find it suitable and acceptable.

Agent for Pier 54 Marina                                                                          Tenant

Landlord:  _________________________                                            


3915 Washington Street West
Charleston, WV 25387
(304) 746-4495
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